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مزاد محترم ومرتب والعاملين فيه مجموعه محترمه جدآ جدآ من المالك لاصغر فرد في المجموعه وأنصح الجميع لزيارته المزاد‎

فيصل ابوشاهين فصولي‎, Oman

I use the Marhaba Auto Auction Mobile App to bid and it is easy to use the mobile app in English and Arabic.

Ali alsaadi, Sharjah

Great prices, the indoor auction is a great feature and the starting bids are also great. Keep up with the great work Marhaba.

Skechers afg, Sharjah

Great prices and very comfortable indoor auction. They also serve Chai Karak

Yazdi, Dubai

Located in Sharjah Industrial area 2,this place provides used cars at the very best Price.The good thing is that they are planning to launch their mobile app soon which will make it easy for us to bid through our mobile app. Any update regarding your mobile app when it will be launching?

Zeeshan Shaikh, Sharjah