Home Shipping

Since we are committed to providing a stress-free experience to both the seller and buyer of a used car, our services extend into shipping and logistics. Whether you are a buyer who has bought a car overseas through our Live Online Bidding Platform or are a seller who wants to sell the car in UAE via our Live Physical Auctions, we will take care of all the shipping related activities for you.

Once a car has been sold to the highest bidder via our Live Online Auction platform, the seller will be informed and asked to send the car to our exit warehouse or port. Marhaba Auto Auction will complete all the mandatory legal requirements associated with the export and import process. Even if you have bought the car directly from the seller or through live physical auction overseas, we will assist you in the shipping process. A standard fee will be charged to both the buyer and the seller to avail this service.

In addition to the above, if you are interested in selling your car in UAE, we can provide our storage facilities and auctioning service for you to be able to find a suitable buyer.