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Used Car Auction


  • Most buyers recognise that they may be able to buy a vehicle at much in cheaper than if compared to cars sold at conventional car dealerships and distributors.
  • Retailers can’t compete with auction prices, so you could potentially find a well-conditioned car at a very reduced price.


  • Some of these vehicles include vintage cars that could almost be seen as “collectors’ items”.
  • Not all vehicles are ancient – the fortunate buyer may still be able to find a vehicle within warranty.


  • There is usually a huge variety of the cars offered to attract as many potential buyers as possible to the auction.
  • Some auction houses hold weekly used car auctions, selling everything from passenger and commercial vehicles, through to 4WDs, trucks and utility vehicles.

 Fleet Vehicles

  • Some corporates, organisations or state departments often update their vehicles after a set number of years or kilometres and put them up for auction.
  • The main benefit of these vehicles is that their service history is often complete and documented – most companies service these vehicles in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.